Trends: smaller, more friendly

We are starting to see some real estate deals pop up here and there - nothing too major but an indication of signs of life again. The few clients we have this year are focusing wisely on smaller, high end, energy efficient, mountain style/log and timber construction. Our clients aren't interested in speculating these days, but rather want a home or cabin they can enjoy. The common trend seems to be a move away from the mega home and towards smaller homes that are environmentally and economically friendly and best of all don't require a map to find the bathroom.

The theme? Don't over do it, but even in these tight times there is much to enjoy. As my grandpa always said, "If you die with money in the bank, you haven't budgeted very well."

Get outside and enjoy it before it's too late.

Will the housing stimulus plan work?

An interesting article from Builder Magazine analyzes the answer:

"In an effort to break the forward momentum of a foreclosure tsunami economists and housing analysts predict could reach upwards of 8-to-10 million homeowners and deflate the value of millions of others' No. 1 asset, the President and his team have designed a plan that has three principle elements aimed at helping 9 million people stay in their homes ..."

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Don't forget to hire an architect

Popular Mechanics and MSN give 5 reasons why architects are worth the money:

  1. To see the big picture
  2. To handle the paperwork
  3. To hire the muscle
  4. To oversee the job
  5. To go green

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Did you hire an architecture for your most recent job? Hit us up with a comment to share your experience.

Construction costs jump 5.2% over 2008

With steel leading the way, Engineering News Record reports the following figures for March 2009: 20-CITY: 1913 = 100 MAR 2009 Index Value % change Month % change Year Construction Cost 8534.05 0.0 +5.2 Common Labor 18015.79 0.0 +5.4 WAGE $/HR. 34.23 0.0 +5.4 20-CITY: 1913 = 100 MAR 2009 Index Value % change Month % change Year Building Cost 4766.71 0.0 +4.3 Skilled Labor 8112.22 0.0 +4.1 ... Read the rest of entry »

A true furniture craftsman in Bozeman, MT

Founded in 2005, Isaac Arms Studio Furniture evolved from the love of design, craft and the creation of beautiful objects. Situated in Bozeman, Montana, Isaac runs a limited production, design-build studio crafting functional sculpture for both residential and commercial environments. Working primarily in steel and wood, Isaac fabricates each piece individually, taking great pride in his workmanship and care for details. Combining these two natural materials in his pieces, Isaac relies on the steel to dictate the shape of the object, and the wood to create a warm and tactile interface between the object and user. The result of his laborious craft is an exceptionally designed, finely crafted, sophisticated and functional object that is steeped in human creativity. Visit Isaac's website, and be sure to check him out May 16-19 2009 at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC. Read the rest of entry »

Back to basics

In tough economic times - not to mention the gluttony of excess that put us here - it's more important than ever to live within our means. This home was designed around a simplistic lifestyle and a craftsman's custom details. The modern version of an old Forest Service cabin - small spaces need not be predictable or claustrophobic. Predominantly reclaimed, extremely energy efficient and at only 1500sf; a testament to our clients who live large in smaller spaces.

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