As prices dip - Home sales on the rise

Inevitably as construction and land costs bottom out - new home sales have started rising throughout the country. The term "buyer's market" has been tossed around plenty in recent months. But most home buyers don't grasp the full meaning of the term until they get ready to shop. After a rough second half in 2008 and a devastating spring, the region's housing market has made some gradual improvements in recent months. But while sales are increasing slightly, the selling price of homes remains as low as most real estate agents can recall. "They are still really low, which means it's a good time to buy. I don't think the prices have really moved upwards yet. I'm not sure when they're going to," said Richard Spencer, real estate agent with Ron Spencer Real Estate. Read Full article at Builder Online Read the rest of entry »

Big Sky - Past & Future

With the highs and lows of the national economy - Big Sky continues to grow up as a town & community.

For a couple of decades after Chet Huntley opened Big Sky Resort in 1973, the Southwest Montana ski destination was an odd anomaly - not quite developed enough to compete with the Vails and Aspens of the world, not quite big enough and charming enough to have a strong sense of place, and not quite close enough to anything to be a likely spot for intensive real estate development.

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Just large enough

This Moonlight Basin cabin is 800 sf, has 2 full bathrooms, full kitchen, and sleeps 6 comfortably.  We recently remodeled this little unit and turned what was a very ordinary cabin into a little gem.  Take a look at the gallery of photos for an inside look.

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