10 Questions for Homebuyers who want to go Green

For homebuyers, green is fast becoming a priority - whether its because they want to reduce their energy costs, minimize their carbon footprint or improve air quality.

From MSN. Real Estate - Here are 10 questions that prospective buyers or renters ought to ask to find out how green a house or apartment is.

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10 Must have home features

Americans want smaller houses and they are willing to strip some of yesterday's most popular rooms -- such as home theaters -- from them in order to accommodate changing lifestyles, consumer experts told audiences at the International Builders Show here this week.

From Yahoo market watch - Buyers today want cost-effective architecture, plans that focus on spaces and not rooms and homes that are designed 'green' from the outset," she said. The key for home builders is "finding the balance between what buyers want and the price point."

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Powder Ridge Cabins

The sun has long since set and the rosy glow on Lone Mountain is giving way to a smoldering purple as I sink into my club chair and gather my thoughts to write this letter. A fresh snowfall blanketed the ski slopes yesterday and the only audible sounds are the crackle of seasoned pine on the fire and the occasional clink of ice as I tip my glass. If it's true that how we spend an afternoon is how we spend our lives, then our place of retreat - our shelter - surely must reflect that which we value and hold most dear. For me, living in a log home is about more than the romance of living simply or the beauty of artistry in wood. For me, it is about appreciating where I am and recognizing how I got here. These walls were trees that were hand-scribed by someone who recognized and appreciated every curve, every knot. There is a tradition of craftsmanship visible in every stone detail, in the ubiquitous joinery, and in the way that the rooms flow into one another seamlessly. Day or night, the amber hue of the logs ... Read the rest of entry »