Fixed Price Contracts

From one of my favorite email blogs -  The Construction Claims Advisor. A fixed-price construction contract is usually just that. Sometimes, however, prices for materials or commodities such as asphalt or fuel are stipulated in the bid documents, with payment to the contractor adjusted to reflect the actual costs indicated in periodic published indexes. From a project owner’s point of view, a price adjustment clause promotes accurate bidding. Bidders are not forced, or allowed, to speculate on future costs. There is no need for bidders to carry large contingencies as protection against volatile swings in cost. And of course for the successful bidder these features reduce the risk and uncertainty of contract performance. In order for price adjustment clauses to work fairly and effectively, however, they must tie adjustments to the contractor’s real costs. The Mississippi Supreme Court recently struck a provision from a state highway contract because it froze “actual” costs ... Read the rest of entry »

How quickly time passes

What happened to the plain white business card with a name and number clearly printed on the front? How quickly time passes – it’s already been over five years since we had our “new” web site designed.  At this point, I struggle to even remember what our old site looked like, let alone how it performed.  However simple it may have been, it certainly served the purpose of the time. Although we’ve have a good run with the current site, it’s once again time for not only a refreshed look, but upgrade in performance.  I’ve always tried to exceed expectations not only in the field with quality and schedule, but also in the office with the level of detail and accuracy we provide for any given program.  The new site is a great new tool as we move into the next generation of the custom home market. With the new site I’ve put more emphasis on our Owner Representation services as well as some extensive upgrades to the back end Client interface system ... Read the rest of entry »